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Gene Tierney in Laura (1944)

I ate a bug once. It was flying around me. I was trying to get it away. It went right in my mouth. It was so gross!


Natalie Dormer @ 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards.


Jared helping Jensen tweet for the first time [x]

The Zodiac Signs in a Horror Movie
  • Aries: The First to die
  • Taurus: The one who comes home at the end to find everyone dead
  • Gemini: The one who figures out who/what the killer is
  • Cancer: The one who says "Hello? Who's there?" as if the killer will answer
  • Leo: The one who tries to fight back and ends up dead
  • Virgo: The one who sacrifices themselves
  • Libra: The one who says "everybody stay calm!" then freaks out themselves
  • Scorpio: The one who runs out the front door instead of upstairs
  • Sagittarius: The one who is secretly helping the killer
  • Capricorn: The one who snapped and went on a killing spree
  • Aquarius: The one who makes it until the end
  • Pisces: The one who screams at everything